Welcome to Logos Books, a not-for-profit used books store in downtown Davis

January 14, 2010

2016 is a special year for Logos Books, in that it is our last here as a not-for-profit used books store, giving all donations to Save the Children and Doctors without Borders. This year we were able to give another $50,000 to our charities, bringing our combined donations since we began to a grand total of $300,000!  

As we turn our beloved Logos Books over to the Friends of the Davis Library, we would like to thank our many dedicated volunteers and you our customers for a wonderful seven years here in downtown Davis.  We have loved being a part of your lives! 

Susan and Peter Linz

Our Location:  513 Second Street, Davis 95616

Contact Us at: logosusedbooks@gmail.com

Phone: (530) 400-1083

Logos Books begins a new era as Friends of the Library bookstore

February 1, 2017


Xylocopa at Logos for January Second Friday Art About

January 16, 2017

The kaleidoscopic membership of the band Xylocopa pulsed the air with a blend of folk/psychedelic rock music. The band includes Blaine Glover on drums, Pablo Gomez on bass, Colin Foley on voice and highly rhythmic guitar, Sadie Fulton on voice and other instruments, Didar Singh on voice and hollow body guitar and Patrick Foley on voice and guitar.Great evening !  Catch them at “Cork it Again” on Saint Paddy’s Day!IMG_0348.JPG

February Second Friday Art About with Danielle Fodor

January 11, 2017
Inner Voice  Paintings, collage, and altered toys by muralist Danielle Fodor reflect a tumultuous exploration of psyche, spirit, and the heart: the public artist turned private and reflective. Please join us from 6:30–8:30 at Logos Books for a reception in her honor on Friday, February 10, 2017

Una Chiacchierata: giovedi, 19 enero

January 4, 2017

Italian Speakers will come together on the third Thursday at Logos Books, 513 Second Street, to discuss previously chosen reading selections.  Please contact logosusedbooks@gmail.com to be added to the list serve so that you may receive these prior to the gathering.


El Círculo Español: lunes,16 enero

January 4, 2017

En el próximo reunión del Círculo Español vamos a discutir de sus lecturas: ¿Qué esta leyendo en este momento?  En general, ¿qué tipo de libros le encanta?  ¿Tiene Ud. recomendaciones de libros buenos para nosotros? ¡Nos vemos a las 19:30 en Logos Books lunes el 16 de enero!

La Table Française

January 4, 2017

La prochaine réunion de la Table Française aura lieu mercredi, 11 janvier de 19H30-21H à Logos Books 513 Second Street.  Nous allons aborder le thème de la vie active:  Comment allez-vous être active physiquement dans le nouvel an?  Avez-vous des sports ou des cours physiques que vous voulez recommander aux autres?  Voici un clip vidéo pour vous inspirer!


Bargain Books at Logos: this coming Monday, December 19th, 10 am-6 pm

December 17, 2016

50_off_rt_purpleThis Monday,December 19th we will be open to sell all of our books at half price! Yes, all books, inside and outside the store will cost you only half as much, and you can look forward to this bargain every third Monday of the month.
We know that many of you await our sale day with anticipation, so this is a reminder to one and all that it is just around the corner.
Please note: books sold cannot be placed on hold, or, have been put on hold, prior to the sale date.

La Table Française: mercredi, 14 décembre à Logos Books

December 1, 2016

ConversationParlons des traditions pour les fêtes d’hiver! Comment fêter vous Noël, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, le nouvel an Chinois, Diwali, etc . . . ?

Venez avec des recettes , des canticles, des histoires à partager.  

Très heureuse de passer ce petit moment de calme ensemble, avant que la folie de la saison ne commence!  Rendez-vous à Logos Books, de 19H30-21H mercredi, 14 décembre!


Una Chiacchierata: giovedi, 15 dicembre

November 29, 2016

Italian_BicycleItalian Speakers will come together on the third Thursday at Logos Books, 513 Second Street, to share a special Christmas memory from the past, as well as upcoming plans for the Winter Holidays.  See you Thursday, December 15th  at 7:30 pm for a lively conversation in Italian with Franco!

Sandy Thomas’ Photos from Quinton Duvall Poetry Evening

November 20, 2016

sandy-thomas-and-nancy-duvalPlease enjoy these photos from our final gala poetry evening in October. Many thanks to all of you who made it possible, and a special thank-you to Sandy Thomas our official photographer! sarah-phelan-and-albert-garcia nancy-duval-and-susan-linz mary-zeppa martha-evans martha-ann-blackman manny-stan-zumbiel-mary-zeppa-and-friend thomas-mitchell susan-linz-and-trina-drotar susan-linz-and-allegra-silberstein susan-kelly-dewitt susan-kelly-dewitt-and-nancy-duval stan-zumbiel sarah-phelan sarah-phelan-and-susan-linz-2albert-garcia davis-poet-laureate-andy-jones davis-poet-laureate-emeritus-allegra-silberstein dennis-schmitz-and-sarah-phelan