Welcome to Logos Books, a not-for-profit used books store in downtown Davis

January 14, 2010

2014 was a fantastic year for Logos Books: a total of $47,000 in total combined donations was made to Save the Children and Doctors without Borders. This brings our combined donations since we began to a grand total of $200,000!  

As we begin our sixth year as a not-for-profit second hand books store here in Davis, we would like to thank our many dedicated volunteers and, you, our valued customers, for your patronage and support.  

Susan and Peter Linz

Our Location:  513 Second Street, Davis 95616

Contact Us at: logosusedbooks@gmail.com

Phone: (530) 400-1083

El Círculo Español: lunes, el 15 de junio

May 19, 2015

Spanish conversation¡Hablemos de nuestros libros y autores favoritos! Junio es el mes del libro en Logos Books con El Círculo Español. 

Estamos esperando el placer de revernos el tercer lunes del mes en Logos Books.¡Hasta muy pronto!

La Table Française à Logos Books: mercredi, 10 juin

May 18, 2015

Mercredi, 10 juin:  Parlons cinéma!

ConversationQuels sont les films qui vous ont impressionnés d’avantage en 2014/15 ? Quels films avez-vous l’intention de voir cette année ? Pour vous, qu’est-ce qui vous motive d’aller voir un tel film : s’agit-il d’un thème particulier, des acteurs, du metteur en scène, ou d’une langue/culture y représentaient ? Quels sont vos films préférés ?  

 Les sites suivants puissent vous servir dans notre conversation en juin :

Festival de Cannes – 2015


Festival de Film Français à Sacramento


Una Chiacchierata con Franco: giovedi, 4 giugno a Logos Books

May 18, 2015

Italian_Bicycle“Vacanze in Italia” is our theme for the month of June – so come and tell us about your exploits past and coming up in “la bella Italia”.  And, while we are at it, what do those crazy Italians do on their vacations?  Let’s talk about it with Franco and friends the first Thursday of the month, June 4th from 7:30 – 9:00 pm at Logos Books.  

Davis Poet Emeritus Dr. Andy Jones Concludes 2014-2015 Quinton Duval Poetry Series

May 15, 2015

IMG_2129Poetry lovers enjoyed an evening of poignancy, laughter, horror, tenderness, wonder and whimsy with Dr. Andy Jones, our featured poet for this  last poetry evening in the 2014-15 Quinton Duval Poetry Series at Logos Books.  It was a tribute to all he has contributed to our community that Dr. Andy drew a very good crowd of admirers, who could then sit back and enjoy the beauty he brings to his craft.  Those interested in purchasing a signed copy of his latest book “Where’s Jukie?”(including essays by his wife, Kate Duren) can find it in the front window of Logos Books.  Additional copies can be had by contacting Dr. Andy Jones directly at andyojones.com 

Sarah Phelan, a friend and colleague of the late Quinton Duval,IMG_2127 began the evening with a reading of his poem “Back Street Story” from the his poetry book Like Hay.  We look forward to seeing you in late September, when the sixth year of the Quinton Duval Poetry Series begins its 2015-16 program at Logos Books .

Mercurial Mind has its debut at Logos Books

May 11, 2015

musical noteLogos Books was fortunate enough to host the newly formed quintet, “Mercurial Mind” at this last Friday’s Art About in downtown Davis. Members of the quartet are: David Kyle on keyboard, Katie Henry on flute and vocal, Chris Benner on sax, Naoki Saito on sax, guitar and percussion and Bart Wise on guitar. The group featured popular jazz favorites and drew a great crowd. You will want to look for”Mercurial Mind”at future local gigs.
Here are some pics from that evening:


Thursday, May 21st: Medieval Poetry and the History of English, a Workshop

May 5, 2015

Medieval IllustrationThursday, May 21st, 6-8 pm: Medieval Poetry and the History of English, a Workshop at Logos Books

Ac yete amiddes hem ful right
The quen was oway y-twight,
With fairi forth y-nome.
Men wist never wher sche was bicome.*

Medieval English poetry often seems to be written in a different, incomprehensible language. And yet, the poetry of the fourteenth century fundamentally shaped not only the entirety of English literary tradition but also the way that we speak English today. Join the award-winning faculty of the UC Davis English department to discuss medieval poetry and the history of the English language. Using evocative, intriguing Middle English texts, this workshop will explore the history of the language and even teach you to read and recite a medieval poem in its authentic style of pronunciation.  No prior experience or knowledge necessary; just bring your curiosity about history and poetry.

“But right away, from the midst of all of them, the queen was snatched, seized away by an enchantment. Men never knew where she had gone” (Sir Orfeo, early fourteenth century, lines 191-94)

El Círculo Español: lunes, 18 mayo

May 5, 2015

Spanish conversationVamos a discutir de la sequía en California – de una manera general y personal – en nuestra próxima encuentra en Logos Books. Venga para discutir como Ud. va a enfrentar un verano que se promete ser seco – ¿cuales son sus maneras de conservar agua? Pues, podemos discutir de los efectos de la sequía en los sectores agricultores: se refiere a este artículo en la red:


Entonces, estamos esperando el placer de revernos el tercer lunes del mes en Logos Books.



Mercredi, 13 mai: La Sécheresse en California

May 5, 2015

ConversationLa crise d’eau en Californie s’empire avec la quatrième année d’une sécheresse dont on ne voit pas très bien la fin.  Venez tous pour discuter, de manière générale autant que personnelle, de la crise que nous allons tous subir cet été.  Quelles en sont les causes, les victimes, les solutions?  Comment allez-vous faire face aux restrictions de consommation qui vous seront imposées dans les semaines à venir.

A vous la parole!  En attendant le plaisir de votre participation vive et informée chaque deuxième mercredi du mois à Logos Books.

Voici un article qui peut vous mettre un peu plus à la page:


Dr. Andy Jones will read at Logos Books Poetry evening on Thursday, May 14th

April 29, 2015

redwingLogos Books is pleased to host Davis Poet Laureate, Dr. Andy Jones, at our final Quinton Duval poetry reading of the year. Please join us at 7:30 pm that evening for the reading, and for refreshments and socializing after the reading.  All are welcome!

Dr. Andy Jones is the Poet Laureate of Davis, He is also a faculty member at UC Davis, radio talk show host, public speaker, and essayist. Andy has taught writing, creative writing and literature classes at the University of California, Davis since 1990, and since 2000 has hosted “Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour” on radio station KDVS. Among the 1,000 guests he has interviewed on the radio show have been Margaret Atwood, Sherman Alexie, T.C. Boyle, Ralph Nader, and Gary Snyder. In Davis Dr. Andy also coordinates and hosts the twice-monthly Poetry Night Reading Series, which has featured performances by most of Northern California’s best poets. His most recent book is titled Where’s Jukie?

Una Chiacchierata con Franco: 7 maggio a Logos Books

April 26, 2015


Italian_BicycleIt’s going to be a long, hot summer, so let’s talk about it!  The drought in California is the subject of our May 7th Italian chat at Logos Books.

Check out the following web sites, and the accompanying questions for the next  Chiacchierata, every first Thursday of the month, 7:30-9:00 pm at Logos Books, 513 Second Street.


Che provvedimenti hai preso in risposta alla siccita’?

Che cosa pensi delle azioni intraprese dal governo in risposta alla siccita’?

Quali suggerimenti avresti?


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