Welcome to Logos Books, a not-for-profit used books store in downtown Davis

January 14, 2010

2014 was a fantastic year for Logos Books: a total of $47,000 in total combined donations was made to Save the Children and Doctors without Borders. This brings our combined donations since we began to a grand total of $200,000!  

As we begin our sixth year as a not-for-profit second hand books store here in Davis, we would like to thank our many dedicated volunteers and, you, our valued customers, for your patronage and support.  

Susan and Peter Linz

Our Location:  513 Second Street, Davis 95616

Contact Us at: logosusedbooks@gmail.com

Phone: (530) 400-1083

Una Chiacchierata con Franco: giovedi, 3 de settembre a Logos Books

August 25, 2015

Italian_BicycleAbuzo Edilizio – or illegal use of public land – is a problem here and in Italy.  Some examples here at home involve use of forestry land for marijuana cultivation or blocking public access to lake, river and ocean beaches.  Please consult the attached article to bring you up to speed on this issue in Italy:


We look forward to hearing your thoughts when Una Chiacchierata meets once again September 3 at Logos Books, from 7:30 -9:00 pm.

Bargain Books at Logos: this coming Monday, August 17th, 10 am-6 pm

August 15, 2015

50_off_rt_purpleBook Lovers, it’s back again!

This Monday, August 17th, we will be open to sell all of our books at half price. Yes, all books, inside and outside the store will cost you only half as much, and you can look forward to this bargain every third Monday of the month.

We know that many of you await our sale day with anticipation, so this is a reminder to one and all that it is just around the corner.

Please note: books sold cannot be placed on hold, or, have been put on hold, prior to the sale date.

El Círculo Español: lunes, el 17 de agosto a las 19:30 en Logos Books

August 4, 2015

Spanish conversation¡Vamos a hablar de “espanglish”! “Espanglish” es una mezcla de español con English, que define un modo de hablar propio de los hispanos residentes en Estados Unidos.

Y aquí algunos sitios en la red para aprender más. Nuestra próximo encuentro es lunes, el 17 agosto a las 19:30 en Logos Books.



Table Française: mercredi, 12 août à Logos Books

July 21, 2015

ConversationL’Etat-Providence va être le sujet de notre prochaine discussion à la Table Française en août à Logos Books. Chacun doit venir avec un exemple d’une intervention d’état qu’il/elle trouve risible ou qu’il/elle trouve salutaire. Voici un site avec des exemples du premier , et ensuite quelques sites qui offrent un peu d’histoire sur l’établissement de l’état-providence et les problèmes récents que ceci amène.

La discussion se promet intéressante, alors venez tous prêts à s’y lancer mercredi, 12 août de 19H30-21H à Logos Books !






Una Chiacchierata con Franco: giovedi, 6 augusto a Logos Books

July 21, 2015


Una Chiacchierata con Franco: giovedi, 6 de augusto a Logos Books

June 15, 2015 

Italian_BicycleWhat’s going on with the European Union, and how does the situation in Greece influence Italy’s future therein?  Come discuss these current events at  Una Chiacchierata, on Thursday, August 6th.  Check out the following article to get you prepared for the topic under discussion:



 Franco will be at Logos Books to moderate the conversation, as he is every first Thursday of the month, from 7:30 – 9:00 pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

El Círculo Español: lunes, el 20 de julio a las 7:30 en Logos Books

July 2, 2015

Spanish conversationAll those interested in practicing their Spanish conversation skills are welcome to join us at Logos Books every third Monday of the month, from 7:30-8:30.  The following gives a theme for this month’s conversation, and a web site that can be consulted to reference vocabulary that will be useful for participating in the conversation.  All are welcome!

Vamos a discutir del efecto de la transición de hombre a mujer de Bruce Jenner, y su impacto en la conversación nacional sobre cuestiones transgénero en America.

Aquí un artículo que trata de esto:



July 10th Second Friday Art About with pastel and watercolor artist Teresa Steinbach-Garcia

June 23, 2015

IMG_0284Logos Books is delighted to present Teresa Steinbach-Garcia, a native Californian and Design Graduate of The University of California at Davis, whose art work will be on display during the months of July-September. Exploring the element of light reflecting and illuminating landscape, still life and individuals has been a life long theme in her pastel and watercolor works of art.

A special reception in her honor will be held at the next Second Friday Art About on July 10th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Light refreshments will be served and all are welcome!

La Table Française à Logos Books: mercredi, 8 juillet

June 22, 2015

ConversationFaire face à nos réactions vis à vis une personne qui est différente,  que ce soit des différences physiques ou mentales –   notre comportement, doit-il rester pareil?  doit-il être différent?  Voici un article qui peut vous lancer dans le sujet, tiré d’une exposition mise sur Facebook par une jeune femme française, mère d’une petite fille qui n’est pas comme tous les autres . . . ou, si, qui l’est:


 A vous de lire, et à nous d’en parler après, mercredi, 8 juillet de 19H30- 21H à Logos Books

Una Chiacchierata con Franco: giovedi, 2 luglio a Logos Books

June 15, 2015

Italian_BicycleItalian speakers will be reaching for the stars at the next gathering of Una Chiacchierata, on Thursday, July 2nd.  Personal memories of milestones in space exploration is our theme for July, and here’s an article to whet your verbal appetite:


So come and tell us where you were when the first moon walk took place, where you think space exploration is headed – even your thoughts on recent space sci-fi films!  Franco will be at Logos Books to moderate the conversation, as he is every first Thursday of the month, from 7:30 – 9:00 pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

El Círculo Español: lunes, el 15 de junio

May 19, 2015

Spanish conversation¡Hablemos de nuestros libros y autores favoritos! Junio es el mes del libro en Logos Books con El Círculo Español. 

Estamos esperando el placer de revernos el tercer lunes del mes en Logos Books.¡Hasta muy pronto!


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