Read Our Davis Enterprise Article

The Davis Enterprise featured Logos Book’s opening in Davis.

Our excerpt below:

■ A used bookstore will soon move into the former Aquarius space, at 513 Second St. Peter and Susan Linz plan to open Logos Books by mid-February. (Logos means “word” in Greek.) This will be the second used bookstore in town. The other one is Sweet Briar Books, at 654 G St. Bogey’s Books offered new and used books before it closed at the end of 2007. Peter, a UC Davis emeritus professor of math and com- puter science, has run a used book business online for the past 10 years, selling items on Web sites like 

Susan said her husband specializes in nonfiction, scholarly and out-of-print books in areas such as math, engineering and physics. However, the store will offer a broader selection including contemporary fiction and children’s books. Susan said of her husband: “Having been a professor, he really believes in reading. He loves going into bookstores and discovering a book.” “He hopes he can offer that experience to other people,” she said.
After covering their costs, profits will go to two charities: Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders, Susan said. “We really are hoping this is going to be a bright spot for people,” said Susan, who envisions people strolling across the street to peruse the books after enjoying a coffee at Mishka’s Cafe. For more information, e-mail logosusedbooks@

11 Responses to “Read Our Davis Enterprise Article”

  1. Thomas Linz Says:


  2. Stephanie Hextrum Says:

    Best of luck to you.

    Chuck and Stephanie Hextrum

    • logosbooks Says:

      Thanks, Stephanie and Chuck! We hope that you’ll drop by sometime and check it out. It would be fun, too, for you
      to see what’s up in Davis. Love to you all – Susan and Peter

  3. Marcie Smith Says:

    I learned a lot about you and your intentions from this. Wishing youonly success.

    • logosbooks Says:

      Marcie and Bill: One of these days, perhaps, we’ll have you two up to see the place. Also, you can
      check out Davis and see how it has changed! Happy 2010 to the two of you – isn’t this rain crazy? Susan

  4. logosbooks Says:

    Thanks for your vote(s) of confidence, Thomas!

  5. Jim Kazakoff Says:

    Hi Peter & Susan,

    Just visited the blog– I’m excited for you both in your venture into “brick & mortar” used book retailing. Your plans for the profits are inspiring as well.

    I’m going to Google map your store location– my memory of Davis geogaphy is pretty foggy (can I blame that on jet-lag?), and I know things have changed considerably since I last spent any time there.

    Good luck and have fun with it!


    • logosbooks Says:

      Hey stranger – I imagine you are still with us in the US of A – and enjoying the cooler weather temps that Idaho brings with it. We enjoyed the beginnings of your blog, and though this one will not be anywhere near as exotic (serves, really, as a web page that can be easily updated) we hope that we can update it with changes in store hours, events, etc. Do come and see us sometime – it would be great if we were up and running before you went out east again. Or . . .are you there as I write this? Best to Elaine – Susan

  6. Lauren Says:

    Stopped by today to see what was going on… looking forward to the opening! Good luck!

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