Allez, la Table Francaise!

This last Wednesday was the first of three “Table Francaise” that will be held this summer at Logos Books.  Over 20 people gathered in the store to chat in French.  A warm-up exercise got the group transitioning into French, and from then on the conversation flowed.  If you are interested in joining us to speak French on the second Wednesdays of July and August, we look forward to seeing you!  We start promptly at 7:30, and go till 8:30.  Intermediate and Advanced speakers of French, don’t forget the “Festival du Film Francais” the next two weekends at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento.  By the way, our next French gathering at Logos Books will be on Bastille Day – July 14th!


2 Responses to “Allez, la Table Francaise!”

  1. MarieBé Says:

    Bravo Susan et Peter pour toutes ces animations et pour cette soirée en français..
    Bon “Bastille day ” Nous, nous disons ” bon 14 Juillet”. Je vous souhaite une bonne réussite !

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