Subject of October 4th Philosophers’ Circle Meeting

What is it? What is it to “See” clearly? What is it to “See” the Truth amidst the many layers of Delusion? What is it to “See” Oneself? What is this business of “Seeing“?
For millenia, Sages, Artists, and Scientists alike have practiced varying arts of what they suppose may be a “Freedom of Seeing.” In our dialogue next Tuesday, we will be asking the question, “What does Seeing mean to You?” What is Your Seeing of Yourself and World? How do you See the boundaries or the limitlessness of Yourself? Where do You end and I begin? How do we See that? And how does Seeing reveal or mask the ancient questions of God, Reality, Individual and Universal, Dream or Awakening, etc.
Essentially, our dialogue is just a fun calling to See as clearly and as deeply as we can into the Nature of All This. Really,  What is SEEING?
                                                     Will You join Us?
We have a few short texts that will accompany our discussion. This is not required reading in order to attend the dialogue, it is just supplementary for everyone to face some of these questions, alone, before You come to listen and speak at the Bookstore.
It is from the Spiritual Magazine called PARABOLA, and this Fall’s issue was on this exact topic of SEEING.
Four small articles really address this question on Parabola’s website:
The articles are all accesible on the first homepage, just scroll down. The four I recommend are:
1) The Complete Interview: A Conversation with Acclaimed Artist Jane Rosen
2) Toward freedom of seeing: the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
3) A meditation on a “great cosmic ecology of consciousness”
This next one is very important but you just have to go to the CURRENTLY FEATURED column up above, and then click on the FEATURED ARTICLES column and it will come up:
4)   “Seeing” by Zen Master Dogen
See You on Tuesday, October 4th from 7-8:30 pm!
-Brendan and Ian

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