Logos Books: Thankful for a good year and a half in Davis!

We at Logos Books would like to thank the Davis community for its support this past year and a half.  In that time we have seen the book scene in Davis change dramatically:  the exit of Borders Books and Sweet Briar from our city is sad, in that it indicates a trend away from the browsing and buying at book stores  that has long been a part of small university towns such as Davis.  We will endeavor, though small, to fill part of the void left.  

Thanks to those of you who donate to us, browse and shop for books with us, and attend the activities we organize.  Because of you, we are doing well: covering our expenses, and making money for the two charities we give all our profits to,  “Doctors without Borders” and “Save the Children.” 

We are particularly thankful for our wonderful volunteers, who have made our book store even more of a success this past six months.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all, “each and every one!”

Susan and Peter Linz, Owners of Logos Books



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