Artist Jeff Granett returns to Logos with Mythical Beasts!

The work of linoleum block printer, Jeff Granett, will be on display from January through March 2012.  You can already get a “sneak peek” of his work, as he has assembled a calendar of his mythical beasts that is on display right now in our store.  In fact, we have these fanciful calendars for sale for only $15, if you are looking for an original, local gift for someone on your holiday list.   Here’s what the author has to say about his upcoming exhibit:

The major theme of the pictures I am displaying at this time is “Mythic Beasts.” To be mythic, such animals must be imaginary and relate to human life experiences and aspirations, sometimes in a sub-conscious way. Some of the beasts depicted come from Greek or Roman mythology. Others come from the mythology rattling around in my own brain. Either way, their stories go beyond what we know. Apologies to Joseph Campbell’s ghost. These pictures were parts of my 2012 calendar.

Other pictures which Jeff will have on display were printed over the last 10 years. Viewers are encouraged to come and offer their comments and personal perspectives at his Second Friday Reception which will be held on February 10th from 6:00 to 8:30.  All are welcome!


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