Author Michael Carl reads Friday, May 18th

“Blessings of a Faithful Man” is the first book by author and medical doctor Michael Carl who will be speaking and reading from the book on Friday, May 18th from 7:30 to 8:30. A brief description of the book  follows. The audience is invited to a small reception which will follow the reading. Personally signed copies of the book will also be available for sale.

Blessings of a Faithful Man:  Author Michael Carl endured many more than just a few events in his life, both good and bad, that required him to ask for God’s interventions and help.  Whether it was his daughter’s congenital heart defect, requiring 4 heart surgeries starting at birth, or his four separate battles with cancer, a mother’s secret or a new career path that threatened to tear his family apart, his faith led him through both difficult and wondrous times.  His lifetime of spiritual experiences described in this memoir elicits the greatest of emotions.  Blessings of a Faithful Man shows the inspiring true story of one humble man, his loving family and friends, and the presence of God’s guidance throughout his entire life.


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