A March Poetry Evening at Logos

2013-03-28 19.47.10 2013-03-28 20.10.21A quiet downtown with plenty of parking (spring break has its perks!) allowed a small group of listeners to hear a special pairing of poets last night.  Bay Area Poet, Lynne Knight, read from her chap book Again, as well as a select number of poems dealing with the very human feeling of shame. Sacramento Poet Laureate, Jeff Knorr,treated us to a variety of his poems: from Bull Riders and Rodeo Queens to Lost Children to Classroom Encounters to Fishing! Sarah Phelan began the evening by reading a poem from the Duval chap book Like Hay, from which both Lynn and Jeff chose and read a favorite poem as well.  Refreshments and discussion brought the evening to a pleasant close.2013-03-28 19.40.30

Our next poetry evening – and the last in this year’s Logos series-  will be Thursday, May 9th from 7:30-9:00 pm, and feature poets Katherine Hastings and Iris Jamahl Dunkle.


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