Sheet Music Catalogue for interested Pianists




Thanks to the generous donation of a local musician, advanced pianists will find a catalogue of sheet music that they can peruse by accessing the following google document:

The music can be viewed and purchased in our store beginning next week, June 25th, during the following hours:  Tuesday-Thursday, 10 am to 2 pm; Friday, 2 pm to 8 pm.  Come and find some splendid new pieces to play – for yourself or a fellow musician!




2 Responses to “Sheet Music Catalogue for interested Pianists”

  1. Verona Christensen Says:

    Wonderful catalogue! Having an extra-busy week, but will try to come in.

    • logosbooks Says:

      Hi Verona!

      Yes, it is a very nice selection of music. And Peter has tried to price them reasonably, as well.

      Do make sure to note when we are in the store so that you can stop by to view the music when we are there to show it. We are not putting it in the public space, as we wanted to avoid people thumbing through it – sheet music can be a bit delicate!

      Perhaps we will see you this week at Logos?

      Susan Linz
      Co-Owner, Logos Books

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