Magical Shiny Poetry at Logos

IMG_0691The “happy few” were rewarded with some gems last night, at the second evening of the Quinton Duval Poetry Series at Logos Books. Sarah Phelan began the evening with one of Quinton’s poems, and both Heather Hutcheson and Albert Garcia returned the favor at the beginning and ending of their own readings.
Heather favored her readers with poems infused with Spanish vocabulary and cultural icons from her recent stays in Oaxaca and Mexico City. Her insights on other cultures, and thus, our own, were revealing.IMG_0694

IMG_0700Albert convulsed the room with one of his poems entitled “Meeting” which was a biting and cynical view of the droning patter which many of us have experienced in meetings we have attended throughout our own lives. Other pieces inspired by his childhood and life in his county home filled out the reading.

The crown enjoyed light refreshments and conversation before departing. Hope you’ll join us at our next evening with Constance Carter and Dennis Hock on Thursday, January 23rd at 7:30 pm.


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