5th Year of Quinton Duval Poetry Series Begins Thursday, September 25th

redwingLogos Books is proud to present the fifth year of the Quinton Duval Poetry Series, and invites you to attend an amazing line-up of paired poetry readings  beginning Thursday, September 25th.  Poetry readings begin promptly at 7:30, followed by the opportunity to mingle with the poets, purchase chap books and enjoy light refreshment.  For more on the featured poets for September, keep reading!  

Lois Requist, poet laureate of Benicia from 2012-2014, has found the path to her life through writing. Maybe it’s cheap therapy, but writing out whatever disturbs her peace of mind brings her…serenity! She was trained in the creative writing program at San Francisco State University in the ‘80s and has numerous publications, including two books: Where Lilacs Bloom and RVing Solo Across America . . .without a cat, dog, man, or gun. She finds pleasure in reading, walking, everyday life, travel, her children and grandchildren, and her friends. She enjoys being with kind, thoughtful, smart, and fun people. Her website: www.rvingsolo.com.

 Frances Jackson’s first effort began and ended at age seven, when a skeptical teacher said she was too young to have written that poem (a childish rhymey trifle about Christopher Columbus). Embarrassed, many decades passed in other pursuits before she heard of The Benicia First Tuesday Poets. With three not yet dry poems in hand – the first since that long ago – she landed with a sigh on safe poetic ground in the company of Robert Shelby, Poet Laureate, and his kind fellows. Her poetry is more than occasionally dark, and sans technical or academic acumen.

She has written and published a small historical western novel for young women, “Patience – Bold Rider”, with its sequel presently at fifty-five pages. She has been commissioned to write ekphrastic poetry for several painters and galleries in the Bay Area and is in Benicia’s various published anthologies.





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