Doggie Mascots at Logos Books

Hey dog lovers!  If you enjoy being given a friendly, furry, hello and miss your own pooch – come on by Logos Books on Wednesday afternoons (2-4) and Friday mornings (10-2).  On Wednesdays, if Barb Levin is volunteering,will be accompanied by the adorable Leoni, IMG_1633who enjoys meeting and greeting, as well as reminding people that we give all our profits to “Save the Children” and “Doctors without Borders”.

Of course, if it’s Friday, chances are you’ll run into Beth and her side-kick, Talia.  IMG_1403Miss. T enjoys her walks to and from Logos, and camping out behind the big desk where she can keep an eye on all that goes on at Logos!


Then again, it could be a Monday when we are working in the store.  Then, you might see Sammy – our son’s dog -who loves attention and licking little children’s toes.  Here he is with his best girl Ariana – ride ’em cowgirl!!!



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