Una Chiacchierata with Franco Renosto at Logos Books, January 8th 2015

Italian_BicycleItalian conversationalists will want to know that the first Italian conversation at Logos Books in 2015 will take place on Thursday, Jan. 8th (not the first Thursday as usual, at this would be New Year’s Day) at 7:30 pm, with our new moderator, Franco Renosto.

Franco has graciously stepped in to replace Marinka Swift, whose commitments to the grad program at UCD and new abode (Sacramento) have made her role as group moderator difficult to fulfill.

We hope that you will come and participate in this first meeting of the new year, the theme of which will simply be: “How did you celebrate the winter holidays?” Now, there’s one for your past tense! 🙂

Even if your Italian skills are a bit wobbly, come to listen and soak up the language. That next trip to Italy is coming closer than you think and you’ll be glad you did. The rest of you speakers, here’s your New Year’s resolution on a plate: brush up on my Italian!

Ciao for now – and Happy Holidays to you all-


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