Quinton Duval Poetry Series Ends with Panache!

redwingA full house of poets and poetry lovers were present to fête the end of the Quinton Duval Poetry Series at Logos Books. Series organizer, Sarah Phelan, was a friend and colleague of Quinton Duval for many years. In his memory the series took shape, bringing prominent local and more far-flung poets to read at Logos over the past seven years.

Last night many of them came back to help us remember and celebrate those poetry evenings. Poets reading were: Hannah Stein, Edythe Schwartz, Thomas Mitchell, Lois Requist, Albert Garcia, Trina Drotar, Stan Zumbiel, Heather Hutcheson, Mary Zeppa, Susan Kelly-DeWitt, Martha Evans, Dennis Schmitz, Sandy Thomas, Martha Ann Blackman, Allegra Silberstein and Andy Jones.

Logos Books would like to thank each of the poets who read for their participation in the series. You brought beautiful words and a richness of language to all who attended. We wish you all well, and hope to hear more of you and your poetry in the future.

And here, some photos of a wonderful time had by all!


img_0062 img_0065 img_0067 img_0069 img_0071 img_0073 img_0077 img_0079 img_0082 img_0086 img_0088 img_0094 img_0095 img_0099 img_0104 img_0107 img_0106



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